Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Armory Week Art Fair Madness

Photo courtesy of pt, via Flickr.

Art fairs can be overwhelming-- the sheer number of works almost guarantees fatigue and makes it nearly impossible to have a meaningful experience with any one piece or exhibition-- but they can also be a fun way to explore the scene. I like the feeling of excitement that hangs palpably in the air during a big event like Armory Week, and I enjoy taking the pulse of the art world: Seeing the trends, finding out what is generating the most buzz, and brushing elbows with some of my favorite artists. And this year's events in NYC should be especially telling, revealing how the economy has affected all kinds of artists and galleries.

If you get as confused as I do about what events are held where, what you should skip, and what you should absolutely NOT miss, the following Web sites have some great tips:

1) Art Fag City's interactive map and event guide

2) The Armory Show's official Web site

3) New York Magzine's guide to "This Week's Six Unsnobby Art Fairs"

4) ARTINFO's Armory Week coverage

5) Time Out New York's Arts Week Miniguide

P.S. I would also appreciate hearing about your favorite events, most coveted artworks, and general impressions of this year's fairs.

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