Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Welcome to My World

Finding Five is here to create a community dialogue about art, culture, and all the random, crazy, heartbreaking, ugly, beautiful New York City happenings that fall somewhere in between. I'm not interested in talking about the art market (okay, maybe once in a while when it veers into the eyebrow-raising absurd). What I am interested in is people, art, and creative endeavors that make a difference in this city (although the occasional pissed-off rant is de rigueur).

So why "Finding Five?" Five keeps me focused. Five keeps me searching for more. The five art events you must attend this week. Five museum shows you should see NOW. Five questions for my favorite up-and-coming artist. Of course, every Finding Five post won't center on five--I'm not even promising that I won't wander into crazytown from time to time--but I'll try to keep a fairly consistent thread that you can keep coming back to, and hopefully even USE as you traverse the city's cultural landscape.

Finding Five came about because there are so few media outlets that present art and culture from an approachable perspective. I won't break down the latest auction percentages for you; I'm not going to dissect technique. What I am going to do is entertain you, start a conversation with you, and hopefully inform you, too.


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  1. So, did you come up with the original ARTINFO "Top Five" idea?